The Castle of Saint-Point - reresidence of Lamartine's family
Private museum

Principal entry of the castle


Of April 1 at November 1
Beginning of the visit with the grid of entry
of the park of the castle (carpark),
at 11 H - 15 H - 16 H - 17 H et 18 H (specifics)

Saturday, Sunday and public holidays
All the days in July and August

all the year, by appointment

CONTACT - Phone / Fax (33) 03 85 50 50 30

Engraving of the castle of Saint-Point such as Lamartine wanted to illustrate
its novel published in 1851: "Le Tailleur de pierres de Saint-Point"



Museums's association of Burgundy proposes,
two paintings of the castle of Saint-Point
They are fixed at the Lamartine's museum in the city of Mâcon

One painted by François-Alexandre Pernot in 1838

The other by Jean-Louis Tirpenne in 1867

See here their site

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Lamartine's family vault at Saint-Point


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